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Finish what you start: 3 Tips for Rock-Star Social Media

Creating a social media strategy is fairly straightforward, right?

You pick channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook, upload your logo and profile pics, and share a clever first post.

Then what?

Here are 3 tips for an ongoing rock-star social media presence:

  1. Create a plan

Maybe going to the dentist is more appealing than creating a social media plan, but both are equally important.

Setting up a social media plan using a calendar will keep you organized and ensure you post regularly, which is essential to build an effective social media presence.

Try HubSpot’s free social media content calendar, already formatted for the most popular social channels and loads of helpful tips.

On your calendar, enter your company’s tradeshow schedule for the year ahead and create a key to remind you of ongoing information to write about, like news releases, blogs, and job openings.

Most importantly, enter your evergreen content. This is content already created that has a long shelf-life in relevance, such as blog posts, videos, articles, case studies and whitepapers.

  1. Share a variety of content

Do you like eating pizza for dinner every day?

Likely not, and the same is true for social media posts. Variety is key to keep and attract new followers. If stuck for inspiration, here’s a list of 100 ideas for social media content.

Try writing your social posts a week or more in advance. For frequency, aim for at least one post per day.

Preparing your posts in advance ensures your content offers a good mix, and avoids pulling your hair out to create witty posts under pressure.

That list of evergreen content you created is especially valuable when stuck for new content ideas.

But, be flexible to share spur-of-the-moment updates your followers will enjoy. Such as:

  1. Post pictures of faces and places

When analyzing performance of my client’s social media, posts that always out-perform are those of people or places.

Take candid shots of your colleagues, the sunset from your office, the box of frosted pink donuts your supplier sent. Ask your sales managers to send photos of customers and places they visit.

If you have these types of photos on a regular basis, create a company Instagram account.

Photos of people and places provide a personal touch between your company and followers, and will often get re-shared.

Keep it going

Following these tips will help you finish what you start. If you’re stretched for time to write ongoing social media posts, consider outsourcing it.

The key to a social media rock star presence? Keep it going!

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