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Introducing Cookin’ with gas, a new blog venture

Hobbies are important to have. Taking time doing things you love will make you a happier person in your career and relationships. One of my hobbies is eating. Luckily, my husband Ralph Beier’s hobby is cooking (when not on the golf course). So we’ve combined our two food passions to create Cookin' with gas: a… Continue reading Introducing Cookin’ with gas, a new blog venture

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Life in Germany as a Canadian

Today is Canada’s birthday! As it’s been awhile, I felt the need to hear the Canadian anthem and found this rendition on YouTube sung by The Tenors.  It gave me goosebumps, making me realize being a Canadian is still a powerful emotion even after 12 years of living in Germany. Shortly after moving here, I… Continue reading Life in Germany as a Canadian

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Finish what you start: 3 Tips for Rock-Star Social Media

Creating a social media strategy is fairly straightforward, right? You pick channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook, upload your logo and profile pics, and share a clever first post. Then what? Here are 3 tips for an ongoing rock-star social media presence: Create a plan Maybe going to the dentist is more appealing than… Continue reading Finish what you start: 3 Tips for Rock-Star Social Media


Finding that right word

You’ve been there, struggling to find that right word to describe something. In addition to meaning, words have emotion. And that emotion can be elevated depending on which word (or words) you choose. For example: ‘I enjoy being alone’ vs. ‘I enjoy solitude’. Or: ‘This crème brûlée is tasty!’ vs. ‘This crème brûlée is decadent!’… Continue reading Finding that right word

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Spring cleaning in January

When you hear the word ‘cleaning’, how do you react? Do you close your eyes, groan and shudder, or do you smile with your heart racing in excited anticipation? However way you feel, cleaning is one of those tasks that are important. Before the holiday season officially taps us on the shoulder, now is a… Continue reading Spring cleaning in January


Is colour as colourful without the ‘u’?

  As a copywriter and editor, I am often faced with spelling of English words contrary to what I’m used to. There’s the American and the British way. And as a Canadian, I’m somewhere in-between as “Canadian” spelling is a combination of both – influenced as a British colony (before becoming a sovereign nation), and… Continue reading Is colour as colourful without the ‘u’?