The world of digital marketing can seem overwhelming.

Especially if you’re not sure where to start, or what to add to what you’re already doing.

Here are the areas where I can help in marketing and content strategy:


The hub of your company’s activity is your website.

That means, fresh content should be continually added to keep traffic coming. Many of the below types of content can help.

Your site should be easy to understand and navigate, be SEO (search engine optimization) friendly, and clearly communicates what your brand is all about.

I can provide an evaluation of your website or handle your ongoing content management system (CMS).


News releases are a powerful tool, but often overlooked.

They provide a valuable way to promote and celebrate your new products, company events, new team members, partnerships, and sales.

As editors receive a large number of news releases, ensure yours stands out, is error-free, and written as news and not an advert.

Once you start, it’s important to regularly publish more – to keep your company name in the headlines.


Not currently publishing blogs? Here’s why you should start:

As a key part of content marketing strategy, blogs not only show valuable insight into the strengths of your solutions, they give your company a personality.

Unlike other traditional ways of marketing, blogs go further in educating your customers about topics they can relate to. The underlying message is about your brand, not the dominating one.

According to Hubspot, businesses using blogs as part of their content marketing mix get 67% more leads than those who don’t.


Even if you don’t use or understand it, your company should.

Social media is another way to further promote your brand, and like blogs, it provides a nice conversational touch to your company.

It’s an effective way to cross-promote your other stellar marketing content, such as news releases, blogs, and videos.

But the key to social media is to post regularly!

I can help create your social media strategy and provide suggested posts, or post directly on behalf of your company.


Before making an online purchase or dining at a new restaurant, do you first read the reviews?

As reviews of your company and services, case studies and testimonials tell the story of how you’ve helped another business be successful.

They foster a stronger partnership with your customer, and can be re-shared for a long period of time.

In addition to written form, consider producing your case studies and testimonials as a video for even greater visual impact.


Like your reflection in a mirror, email is something you look at every day.

Communication with email marketing is a cost-effective way to stay top of mind with your customers and prospects.

It’s effective in sharing upcoming events, recent news, blog posts and general updates, and helps track reader interest with number of opens and clicks to read more.


In addition to creating original content, I can also edit your existing or new content.


I can assist with developing your brand strategy and aligning it with your content marketing strategy.  

“With traditional marketing, you tell people you are a rock star. With content marketing, you show them you’re a rock star.” -Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Advisor at Content Marketing Institute

Ready to get started?