Marketing Analysis

Spring cleaning in January

When you hear the word ‘cleaning’, how do you react?

Do you close your eyes, groan and shudder, or do you smile with your heart racing in excited anticipation?

However way you feel, cleaning is one of those tasks that are important.

Before the holiday season officially taps us on the shoulder, now is a good time to ‘clean-up’ your Company’s marketing.

Really get Social

Is your Company’s presence on social media top-notch and maximized?

Look at your cover images and logos to make sure they are current (and aren’t blurry!). You do have a LinkedIn cover image for your business, and not the default one with lines and dots, right?

Review your company description, and make sure all the fields are completed, especially if using LinkedIn and Facebook. Is the content in line with your website and news releases? Is it time for a something new? Remember, this is your brand.

Speaking of LinkedIn, they recently added new features to enhance business pages including a CTA button, tagline, and content suggestions. This article» explains how to use these new free tools.

Remove the dreaded 404 Not Found

No one enjoys receiving a 404 Not Found message page after clicking a link.

Although, some clever companies load cute 404s to make our suffering less severe.

When a new website is first created, we (should) diligently go through and check to ensure every single link goes to where it says it will.

But, because websites are (should be!) continually updated with fresh content, it’s easy for some links to become obsolete. So take time to click away and remove the 404s —help your prospects stay on your website and find the information they’re seeking.

While reviewing your website, be sure 2019 events are uploaded and after January 1, please update that pesky copyright date at the bottom to 2019. Otherwise, visitors might assume your content is outdated.

Make your mailing list sparkle

We all love watching our mailing lists grow with new subscribers and analyzing the positive results of each campaign we send (you are doing this, right?).

If using a paid online marketing provider, be sure you aren’t paying for subscribers with non-active addresses. They will provide this data in each of your campaign results, but it’s up to you to physically remove the address from your mailing list.

Are all your employees or co-workers on the mailing list? They love hearing great things about the company they work for! Same goes for your agent network if you have one.

Make sure you are using all possible ways to help grow your mailing list: Does your website offer an easy way to join your mailing list? Is your sign-up link shared in social media posts? Is it included in your email signature?

Out with the old, in with the new

While cleaning your marketing, (and this list is by no means exhaustive), as with your house, it’s always good practice to do away with something that no longer serves you, to make room for something new.

Social media, for example. Analyze the data from your various channels – perhaps one or more are not very effective for your company – maybe it’s time to try a different approach or new channels.

Is blogging part of your marketing strategy? If not, here are 5 reasons why it should be».

Cleaning is rewarding

Remember as a child, when you were demanded by mom or dad to clean your bedroom?

You likely started the task in a negative state (maybe after a hissy fit), but once you were into it, remember the pure joy in finding a toy you forgot you had? And then stopped cleaning your room to play with it…

I said earlier that cleaning is important, but it can also be rewarding. Take a look at that monk in the above cover photo washing dishes.